Football performance - SELECT

A big thanks to 3 friends. You know who you are.

The start

It started with a conversation with my friend about body memory. We both played football almost every day when we were younger. And how did that affect our bodies today, our movement, and our mindset? We are still competitive. Trying not to be, but still underneath - a lot. I asked him later if he would be willing to make a performance with me. A football performance - whatever that is? He said “yes” and I was thrilled to have a friend like him just jumping on to this adventure, no questions asked.

The middle

We agreed about this dogma: The only work we were allowed to do was ON the pitch. Our body memory was created on this pitch, so we needed to stay on this pitch to be able to find it. That was the idea. Do not try to develop ideas when you are not on a football pitch. Visual: goal, grass, logos, football patches with 5 and 6 edges; sound: yelling, steps, football shot, football pump; smell: grass, sweat, plastic. It is all a part of our memory and we needed to tab into this.

Then we agreed to meet once a week for a one or two hour training set. Trying to move, trying to shoot, trying to remember. We tried different scenes out. Where to run, with or without the ball? What was the tempo? Should it be high from the beginning or low? Can we as two bodies fill out an entire football pitch when we are so used to seeing it with 23 bodies (+ referee)? Oskar brought his GoPro and we filmed. It was easy to see that the arena was already set. We didn’t need to do much to remember. A pitch like this i set for action.

The end

We had a deadline: 19Th of June. Rundgang at the Academy. At one of the last training session we realised that we were to small and to few to fill out the pitch. We needed more people. We needed more football players. So then we asked Ihsan and Mads and they joined (thank you <3). The scenes were almost there. Something was missing. We needed and ending. It ended with 5 different scenes, and the yelling in the end as a period.

Documentation of performance on Youtube