Exhibition invitation

Update (sad)

Yesterday 4. February I visited the exhibition and it was destroyed. One of the works was stolen so that was a small compliment. But it’s not worth a lot if you were wishing for an exhibition. The walk is fine. I will soon upload documentation.

Boat on ocean


The exhibition has been open since the 19th of December

It is on an abandoned boat / barge.

It has 5 works on two floors - on deck and underneath it. Underneath deck you will find it possible to turn on a light.

Use the switch above the battery. It is only 12V.

Please be careful

There is a lot of broken glass on the ground and the deck is slippery.

Underneath the deck there is a deep hole in the middle of the floor with water in it. Watch your steps.

Coordinates and floor-plan

Underneath you can find the coordinates and the floor-plan.

Your phone probably has a built in camera- scan-QR-function.

Coordinates path to coordinate


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